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Recent News:

Welcome! 10/02/13 - Vakana

Fun in the sun, hot weather, playing at the beach?! Pfffft. How about slaying monsters, finding rare equipment, stacking gold, and watching your back in chaotic player killing zones?

Welcome to Necromium, where death is a way of life. We are a heavily modified circle mud with 4 base classes, thief, cleric, warrior, and mage. Each class plays an important role when you take on equipment zones that can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete. Hoping that rare drop appears and it maxtweaks.

Not everyone in Necromium walks around with the same exact gear, because gear 'tweaks' in Necromium, it has a chance to go up or down in stats, making that unique piece of equipment have the potential to be the best compared to other 'normal' equipment. This lets you have more variety and control over what you choose to wear, as long as you can get it to tweak right!

Our PK is lacking right now, because we aren't afraid of YOU yet. The game is very pk-able with immortal ran quests available, chaotic player killing where you can steal up to 3 pieces of your victim's equipment, and regular player killing where you just suffer a loss of life. There are plenty of regular non-PK zones where you can safely explore also.

You can't touch our maps, either.. We also have an enormous selection of varied zones (30,000+ rooms - 130+ original zones) spanning over 5 continents with ocean travel and combat, from many different creative builders that has been brought to life over 16 years. Come check us out, you may get addicted, or you may get stabbed in the face.

We are a community of new and old players that stays around 8-17 online right now but the game needs more explorers, our PK scene is not very active (people are just casually strolling around in chaotic zones, killll them!) but the general socializing and running equipment happens very often, come stir up some action! We are all friendly and are always eager to help answer all questions and help you get going. There are legit active builders and a coder that is constantly improving the game and listening to your opinions.


A roundup of some recent updates 11/03/12 - Jaguar

I realized that some people don't log into the game, but do still check the forums, so for those people... if you're curious what's happening with Necromium lately, here are some updates!

* Alliances between Noble Houses are limited to pairs - no more 3- or 4-house "super-alliances"
* House Arturon ( House 8 ) is no longer in the game
* Andalusian Mines got a revamp
* The Monastery of Devenon got a revamp
* Lord Felis' Jungle Kingdom got a revamp
* New zone: The Ruins of Rl'yeh
* "Newbie" EQ (Varanno, Maudslay, etc.) made !33 - including existing items in the game
* Varnia, Volcano, and Iridium Castle received some updates
* Crimdrac's Castle, Xanhador, and Hulion Village received some updates
* Dungeons of Numkrad updated to have EQ for all classes
* New zone: Temple of the Black Rose
* Necromium City now has a CP Shop, to purchase special items


Changes 10/06/12 - Jaguar

While changes can come in fits and spurts here on Necromium, we've tried to keep the flow up in the last couple of years. A feature that not many people are aware of is that the in-game CHANGES list is available here on the web... and it goes much further back than the 19 changes shown in-game. You can find it on the left sidebar under "Recent Changes", or just click: Recent Changes.

Also, while we haven't publicized it much, there is a web-playable version of Necromium - no zMud or other client needed! It can also be found to the left under "Play Now", or by clicking Play Now!

Finally, Necromium does have a SMALL social presence, existing on Facebook at facebook.com/Necromium

Hope you stop on by again!


'c resurrect Necromium' 04/09/11 - Jaguar

Hey there party people,

Remember Necromium? That game that so many of you used to play? Well, if you're anything like a good-sized handful of other such players, now may be a good time to come and check it out again!

I'm terrible about updating this front page, but that by no means should be taken to mean that the game has been stagnant! To the contrary, since our last front-page post, hundreds of code changes, tweaks, new features, updates, fixes, and more have gone in on a steady basis. Much has changed in our fair world, and most of it designed to improve the fun and usability and ease of enjoyment of the game. More EQ running, easier leveling, fewer punitive penalties, more tweaks, less "oldstat can't be beat", and more!

So come by and check us out, and if you're a new player, come see what you've been missing!


( PS: For a more thorough list of changes, take a peek at http://www.necromium.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7468 )

Code changes... oh my! 11/12/09 - Jaguar

Hey look... fresh code!

I've finally got all the kinks worked out, and new code can be written again, and as a result, we've had a chunk of new changes already, just on day one of this brave new world...

- Fixed some bugs with items that gave you heighten senses (didn't work at all)... now they should
- Fixed some bugs with being able to mute mobs by kicking them (right in the face!)
- Added a CP Bank! For all the avatars who had been capped at 100k CPs, they can now go and gain up to 10k more CPs in a sort of piggy-bank, that they can't use for themselves, but can trade with other players (for gear, gold, etc.) or send to IMMs in exchange for certain prizes and special items!
- Brought the sea serpent back in the game... let's see if she crashes us again!
- Separated "clanwhere" and "shipwhere" -- less clutter, yay!
- Made it so that backstab can now, in some cases, attempt three stabs, not just ALWAYS a max of two
- Added item seller's name to the Trade Ring, on item detail pages
- Moved the Goblin Caves (hobs!) back to the Necromium continent... harkening back to 1997! How it oughta be, back in its rightful home...

More to come, hopefully! Stay tuned, and keep logging in!


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