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An Introduction to MUDding

Imagine a world. A vast, fictional world, with multiple lands, each filled with dreams and adventures. Filled with challenges, experiences, treasure and ... dozens, if not hundreds, of people. Live people, players that interact with you even as you interact with them. People who talk, joke and quest with you. People who become your most feared opponents. People who become your best friends. Imagine living in this world, growing, socialising and interacting with it and its inhabitants.

Imagine making your mark on this world. Carving out your own blazing trail of glory, or, if you so choose, holding the world in the thrall of your infamy.

Welcome to the global community of MUDders.

This document is written as an introduction for people who have no knowledge of MUDs and MUDding. It will describe what a MUD is, and help a new player through those initial, hesitant steps in a new world. It will also outline some tips on how to progress, and how to face the undoubted challenges that await you. It will also contain some very practical advice on relating to your fellow MUDders, and maintaining a firm grip on your real life (quick tip - real life is always more important).

This document is also written with an emphasis on those playing Necromium MUD for the first time. Using this document when entering Necromium will make your initial experience easier, and, probably, much more enjoyable. From time to time, therefore, you will also be able to pick up tips that are specific to Necromium.

Contents and section headings
1.What is a MUD?
2.Getting started
3.The first things to do in a new MUD
4.More things to do
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