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The Necromium website was originally designed and built by Mirath. His extensive background in HTML, PHP and CSS brought Necromium the most beautiful and well designed website in its long history.

However, real life reared it's ugly head (as it tends to do) and Mirath was unable to continue working on the website. It laid dormant for months, full of broken links and unlimited potential, until the torch was picked up by Treestump.

Treestump, unlike Mirath, did not have much experience with web building other than basic HTML. Through trial and error and dissection of Mirath's code, Treestump has been able to complete most of the projects and bring the Necromium website up to near 100%.

In addition to completing unfinished tasks, Treestump has also installed the phpBB forums which have greatly enhanced the Necromium web experience. Shortly after, Treestump installed the new photo gallery further allowing Necromium's staff and players to interact on a more personal basis.

The owner of Necromium, BoneZ, then designed and built an effecient architecture to share data between the webserver and the game in real time. Using this newly available feature set, and while working closely with Necromiums owner, Treestump implemented a PHP application for editing our help files through the website and also wrote a viewing application so that Necromium's help files can be viewed by all. Not only is this nice for prospective players who may be viewing our website, but existing players may wish to use the powerful search feature to help find information within the help file system.

With the advancement of having real game data available, and the integration of database technology, we've been able to provide a whole new look, feel, and set of features to the website.

Just recently, Crafter has been working closely with Treestump to bring a tighter integration between the game itself and the website. For example, in-game profiles are now available via the forum.

Stay tuned, as the Necromium Staff is always adding more features and data to the website.

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