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The Necromium World Map is a graphic image that is currently used by our ocean system. This 2500 by 2500 pixel image designates which rooms are used for the ocean on a pixel to pixel basis. Depth of the particular ocean segment is determined by the color of the pixel with darker blue being deeper water.

The same technique is used to build the coastal maps as you sail near the continents. Here, different colors designate different terrain types. In the future, we hope to use the world map to produce our overlands system. As the ocean system has filled in the space around our continents, the overlands system will fill in the space on each continent around the zones.

The world map was designed for use by our code and not as an artistic expression of the world of Necromium. For this reason, the map looks very rough. When the time comes that we release our overlands system, we will have a more artistic map ready.

Below I have provided a small section of the world map and a screen capture from inside of Necromium to show how the map is converted from graphics into text.

From the World Map (actual size!)

How it looks in the game

To view the entire world map, click here.
Note: The world map is larger than your screen can display. For this reason, it will load in it's own window at which point you can use the scroll bars to move around on the map. Newer versions of Internet Explorer will try to condense the map to fit on your screen. This will result in distortion of the image. If this occurs, hover your mouse over the bottom right hand corned of the picture and a button will appear. Click that button to expand the image to the regular size.

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