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8. Things to do

8.1 Explore your surroundings! The automated overhead map makes this easy. The City of Necromium itself has quite a lot of interesting things to do, and you can easily spend your first few levels just staying in the city itself. If you walk outside the city, always remember you can "recall" as long as you are level 10 or below. In any new zone, always remember to read everything that you see - many zones have hidden secrets and treasures. Typing "search" toggles search mode on and off, which allows you to hunt for hidden exits as you walk around.

8.2 Another good thing to do in Necromium is to type "recall" and "clanedit" and follow the menus to join the Newbie Academy, where you will gain access to some neat resources, other academy members, and specific immortal characters assigned to assist players.

8.3 Group with people! Type "who" to see who is online at any given time. People can "follow" you, and vice versa. You can "reform" people to different positions in the group - type "gtest" to see the current group formation and which slots are currently occupied. The numbers in each slot represent the approximate percentage of damage allocated to the person in that slot. Thus, you can arrange the members of your group so that the warriors (with all their hit points) can soak up all the damage in the front rows, while the spellcasters sit in the back. There's another advantage here - spellcasters who are directly behind another person can remove their weapons and cast two spells per melee round! Type "gsay" to say something to your group (only).

8.4 Talk to the whole world! Typing "gossip" followed by what you want to say will broadcast your message on a public, moderated channel, while typing "chat" will do the same on a public, unmoderated channel. The "auction" channel allows you to buy and sell things with other players. If things get too spammy, you can always turn off certain channels. Type "channel" to see which channels you have on or off, and "channel (name of channel)" to toggle them between on and off.

8.5 You can also engage in combat with other players. Certain zones in Necromium are designated as player killing zones. You will always be prompted before you enter a player killing zone. In "Neutral Player Killing" zones, death in player combat merely means that you will be resurrected at a designated location with nominal hit points which you will need to regenerate. You will only lose some pride, but you will not otherwise be penalised in any way. In "Chaotic Player Killing" zones, you will lose experience loss and players will be permitted to loot up to 3 items from your corpse. There is also another type of player killing zone - "Special Player Killing" zones, which are essentially NPK zones except that if you die to a mob, then mobs (not players) may loot your corpse. Type "help cpk", "help spk" and "help npk" for more information.

8.6 Finally, many people join a clan. Necromium has an elaborate, tiered, clan system. At the lowest tier are the player-run clans, which can be seen, conceptually, as nomadic tribes. The members are bound together by name, and they have a central communications system. Noble houses live one level up from clans. Some clans have been granted the status of a noble house. Noble houses gain access to property rights, can own ships, and are given a large piece of real estate (a noble house) which they can call their own. Noble houses can participate in diplomacy with other noble houses, and other clans are permitted to pledge loyalty to noble houses in order to gain access to the same rights granted to the noble house.

8.7 You can also join non-affiliated guilds. These are not run by players. Each class (warrior, thief, mage and cleric) has a guild of their own, which gives them rights approximately equivalent to that of a noble house. Rounding this off are the Newbie Academy (mentioned earlier), and the Royal Guard, which are also non-affiliated guilds.

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