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5. Multiclassing

5.1 Once you reach level 33, you have reached the maximum development potential for your current class. You can continue accumulating CPs, but you will never gain another level. If you multiclass, you can then accumulate XP and CPs again in your multiclass. You can multiclass up to three times, after which you will reach avatarhood. After gaining 33 levels as an avatar, you will have a total of 165 levels in you!

5.2 When you multiclass, you retain all the skills of your previous class, subject only to meeting the level requirement for such skill in your new class. Thus, a skill which you could only use when you were level 10 in your old class will only be accessible to you when you get enough XP to reach level 10 in your new class.

5.3 To multiclass, you need to be level 33. By the time of multiclassing, you also need to have found and killed a mobile called "A Mysterious Figure" - more commonly referred to in the game as "tokenboy". This is because he has a token which when looted enables you to multiclass at designated non-player characters. Find the relevant non-player character, with the token in your inventory, and type "multi" to multiclass.

5.4 The following subclasses are available for multiclassing:-


MERCENARY - a warrior who was previously a thief Mercenaries have a counter attack skill.

RANGER - a warrior who was previously a mage Rangers have a powerful survey skill and can cover their tracks.

PALADIN - a warrior who was previously a cleric Paladins lose critical hit ability, but gain a layhands ability that can heal, purify, and even resurrect.


ASSASSIN - a thief who was previously a warrior Assassins have a powerful assassinate attack which causes tremendous damage. They can also paralyze on a successful backstab attack.

ROGUE - a thief who was previously a cleric Rogues can poison their weapons and pinpoint the location of enemies.

BARD - a thief who was previously a mage Bards have access to a wide range of bardic songs which create many quasi-magical effects.


WARLOCK - a mage who was previously a warrior Warlocks can summon powerful demons to their aid.

ILLUSIONIST - a mage who was previously a cleric Illusionists can cast mirror image spells and can blink to unblocked locations.

NECROMANCER - a mage who was previously a Necromancers can animate corpses. Similar to shamen, they harvest souls for use in certain unique spells.


MONK - a cleric who was previously a warrior Monks are the masters of barehanded combat, can meditate to regenerate hit points, mana and moves, and have access to a mental combat-enhancing spell.

SHAMAN - a cleric who was previously a thief Shamen harness the powers of death. Like necromancers, they can use harvested souls to use in their spellcasting.

DRUID - a cleric who was previously a mage Druids have a few unique spells and do not need to eat or drink.

In the game, type "help (subclass)" for more information on the above subclasses.

5.5 To appreciate the multiclassing system fully, you need to understand these basic concepts:-

(a) you will always have a CURRENT class. Your CURRENT class is always warrior, thief, mage or cleric. Thus, for example, mercenaries, paladins and rangers are all warriors and gain hit points using the same progression as warriors. Their attack and defence probabilities also use the warrior progressions. In the same way, monks, shamen and druids are all clerics and will use cleric progressions in all respects;

(b) you MULTICLASS into a SUBCLASS of warrior, thief, mage or cleric. Thus, if you were originally a warrior, and you wanted your multiclass to be a mage subclass, then your multiclass would be warlock. A cleric wanting to be a warrior would multiclass into a paladin, and so on;

(c) you can never MULTICLASS into a SUBCLASS which you already have. In other words, if one of your previous CURRENT classes was warrior, you can never MULTICLASS into a warrior SUBCLASS; and

(d) your last possible class, or your avatar class, is always your first CURRENT class. This is completed after 4 multiclassing cycles (after which you would have been your original class at creation, followed by three subclasses of each of the other classes). In other words, a character that was created as a warrior will always become a warrior avatar, after having been a mage, thief and cleric (in any order). Mages will always become mage avatars (after being warrior, thief and cleric, in any order), and so on.

5.6 Here's the fun part - carefully choosing the path you take before you reach avatarhood can enhance your avatar powers tremendously. For example, if you start off as a warrior, you know you are going to be a warrior avatar when you end off. So, you would pick subclasses that eventually enhance you as a warrior avatar. For example, being a monk is a perfect fit for a warrior - because monks have a barehanded attack skill and have enhanced combat spells, which complements the warrior's melee skills and damage dealing ability.

5.7 You will also need to decide what benefits the multiclass will give you, and, equally important, decide whether the multiclass prevent you later from multiclassing into a subclass which you particularly want or need. To take the previous example, the warrior multiclassing to monk can never take an additional cleric subclass - so if he wanted desperately to be a shaman, he could never take a monk subclass.

5.8 Multiclassing adds several layers of complexity to the game, and many players make multiple avatars and experiment with various combinations of subclasses. Some combinations are excellent for certain dedicated functions (like player killing), while other combinations are very balanced and offer a wide range of skills and spells that can be used in many contexts.

5.9 The very best players in the game have learned to blend their class combinations, and the way in which they train their skills and attributes, to yield a result that matches closely to their preferred gaming style. These players are truly fearsome to behold in action.

5.10 Ok, enough about the game system. We'll turn on to connecting and getting started in Necromium.

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