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4. Advancement

4.1 In Necromium, players advance by accumulating experience, which is obtained through successful combat. You will gain experience points (XP) which go towards increasing your levels, and character points (CP) which can be used to increase your skills and attributes.

4.2 Increased levels will grant you more hit points (ie. your ability to withstand damage), mana (ie. your resource pool from which you can cast spells), and moves (ie. an allotted number of points which are used up as you move around). Level increase is automatic once you gain enough XP to progress to the next level, and the highest level you can reach, in normal game terms, is level 33, after which you can consider multiclassing (see below).

4.3 Increased skills or attributes will grant you added powers and benefits. Unlike level increase, this is not automatic. As mentioned earlier, your CPs can be used by you to increase your level of expertise in a skill, or to increase an attribute. The maximum level of advancement in any skill or attribute is level 99, and this is not tied to the level of your character (which is determined by your XP). Thus, it is conceivable that you could have a thief with level 30 DEX and level 35 WIS - how you train your character is up to you.

4.4 It is important to note that, at higher levels, the number of CPs required to increase a skill or attribute rises remarkably. It is much more expensive to raise a skill or an attribute from level 20 to 21 than it is to increase it from level 1 to 2. Also, even though attributes can be raised with the same incremental benefit from level to level, a skill is considered "mastered" once you have it at level 10. Thus, the incremental benefit drops off considerably beyond level 10.

4.5 To put this another way:-

   (a) increasing an ATTRIBUTE above level 10 grants the same incremental benefit as you would have enjoyed up to level 10; but

   (b) increasing a SKILL above level 10 will grant some benefits, but proportionately less than the relative benefit of each level increase up to level 10.

4.6 One more note about using CPs - increasing a skill or attribute above level 10 will also cost gold coins (the currency of the game). Putting all your CPs into a single skill or attribute will quickly become expensive, and probably inefficient, so you should make sure you understand the system thoroughly before you train skills or attributes above level 10.

4.7 It is possible to untrain skills and attributes to recover the CPs spent on them, but this also costs gold.

4.8 In the game, you will receive a guide to training a character. Read through this guide for more details on the training system.

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