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Avatar Class

Although Avatar is the final class, it is generally the one chosen first. Since gaining experience points can be repetitious, most players decide to level quickly and get it out of the way. This leaves time for searching the realms for better equipment, competing in quests, honing your player killing skills, or helping new players. With so many things to do, it is important that your Avatar class is one that properly fits your playing style.

Warrior Avatar

Warrior avatars are feared for their deadly melee attacks. Not only are they capable of dealing four attacks per round, but Warrior Avatars are also adept at dealing consistent damage. Rarely will a Warrior Avatar land a blow that does not deal close to its maximum potential.

In addition to being deadly in melee combat, Warrior Avatars have access to the most protective gear in the game. Some armor can actually absorb damage. This makes the Warrior Avatar popular for combat groups. Standing at the front of a formation, the Warrior Avatar can act as a human shield for the spell casters as he helps cleave through the opposition.

However, Warriors are at the opposite end of the magical spectrum from the Mage. A Warrior Avatar will find himself with very little mana. Although they will have learned very powerful spells through sub-classing, they will need to rest more often in between castings.

Thief Avatar

While the Warrior Avatar can kill many smaller creatures with frightening efficiency, the Thief Avatar is more capable of bringing down the larger ones. Since Thieves receive a bonus to the backstab skill, the Thief Avatar can do twelve times as much damage with a single strike than a Warrior Avatar. This powerful attack makes the Thief Avatar a force to be reckoned with in player killing areas and also allows for more options when exploring by yourself.

Although the Thief Avatar will have lower base hit points than a Warrior Avatar, the Thief Avatar has almost double the Warrior Avatars mana. This allows for more offensive spell casting during combact as well as being able to heal better when exploring alone.

Cleric Avatar

The Cleric Avatar is most suited for grouping. They have some relatively powerful offensive spells, but their real bonus comes in the form of healing. Cleric Avatars receive a very large bonus when casting the heal spell, making them essential to any exploring party.

When going solo, Cleric Avatars can take advantage of a small bonus in melee combat, which is enough to make up for their slightly lower offensive spell damage when compared to Mage Avatars. Cleric Avatars are also quite interesting in player killing areas. While they do not have the sheer offensive nature necessary for putting their foes to rest, they have such powerful healing spells that they are difficult to kill.

Mage Avatar

As the ultimate in offensive firepower, the Mage Avatar is the core of any exploring party. When protected by others with more hit points, the destructive powers of the Mage Avatar can be harnessed to clear a path through even the most deadly of creatures.

While the Mage Avatars melee attacks are close to useless, their arsenal of destructive magic is undeniable. Whether they choose to throw volleys of meteors or simply disintegrate their foes, the Mage Avatar uses his immense spell power to dominate in spell-based combat.

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